Exhibition “City None”

Exhibition “City None”

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In this exhibition, certain parts of the city of Viseu are represented that could be of any other. In “Cidade Cidade”, Luís Belo shows us images that represent a city, but not necessarily the one they capture. It shows, almost clinically, its beauty, coldness and symmetry. The absence of the human being in despressor of the concrete. A cloudy sky instead of an emotional sun.

To follow the images, you can find the texts of Bruno Ministro. In an experimental record, with verbal language to be explored under different perspectives, the text is not limited to accompanying the reader in the decoding of the photographs. The game of meaning production is shuffled by providing diverse and divergent lines for reading the images and the words themselves. If the photographs could exist without the poems and if the poems could exist without the photographs, the truth is that this is not what happens: the word exists next to the image and the image next to the word. And it is in this communion and / or confrontation that the reading is weaved.


About the authors

Luís Belo was born in Viseu in 1987, when the seasons were still four. Before he could write, he would already pick up pens to paint, whether they were leaves or walls. As he grew up, his passion for illustration extended to interest in photography. Studied, graduated. Since then, he has made dozens of exhibitions and has been awarded several contests.

Bruno Ministro was born in Bombarral in 1988, and says that he published poems in online and paper magazines. It seems that there were also printers and photocopiers who published chapbooks in his name. A machine of those big ones printed a book, narrow, with a staple in the middle. He won a literary prize and lost several.