O Autómato

O Autómato

5 | JUL
21:30 - 22:30
Incubadora | Sala da Rua do Comércio
Crianças e Famílias

With the circus world as the backdrop, “The Automaton” is a physical theater show for families and childhood. Abuse and manipulation of power, innovation and new technologies, the force of dreams and love, are some of the themes that cross the small stage where the theater, music, dance and circus arts coexist in a festive way and lovely.

Three actors unfold in innumerable characters: Dom Beltrão the authoritarian owner of the circus, Chico Chicote, Lion Tamer and head of poster, Marina Trapezista, Magda Magia, Firmino knife-thrower, Marcelino Malabarista and Ambrósio the Strong Man. Together they form the Thousand Wonders Circus.

But where is Farolito, the clown? He disappeared mysteriously. And when it is finally found, Farolito reveals a strange invention, an unwanted innovation, Tic Tac the Automaton. And the battle between the old and the new begins, between inertia and innovation, between established power and the dream of the revolutionary clown, between jealousy, envy and love.

Who win? Let’s hope it’s hope. Let us hope that this theatrical allegory, almost without words, but full of beautiful images, serves to stimulate thought, reflection and debate both in the younger, and in the older and preferably between the two.