The Guards of the Baghdad Museum

The Guards of the Baghdad Museum

6 | JUL
22:30 - 23:30
Incubadora | Sala da Rua do Comércio

The Guards of the Baghdad Museum is a theatrical text by José Peixoto which depicts the last moments before the sacking of the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad during the 2003 war.

The museum curator and a guard await the inevitable entry of troops who will plunder and destroy countless pieces of art, irreplaceable works of Iraqi and world heritage.

The piece revolves around great questions about the relationship of the human being with Art: will Art be a luxury, or a basic need? To what extent must man or woman sacrifice themselves (and themselves) in the name of art and heritage? What is the role of Art in situations of war or in extreme moments of our collective life?

More than a spectacle, it is an immersive artistic experience in which the public delves into a world composed of words, sounds and images, as if visiting a museum of emotions and sensations.