Sopa de Pedra

Sopa de Pedra

5 | JUL
22:00 - 23:00
Fonte das 3 Bicas

SOPA DE PEDRA is a group of 10 women who create and interpret to the capella original arrangements of Portuguese popular music. In traditional music it attracted them the intrinsic purpose of gathering the people and talking about the life of a people. Through harmonies and polyphonic arrangements, they explore their richness by referring them to the context of today’s world music. The repertoire includes, mainly, oral music from the various Portuguese regions, extending from the Trás-os-Montes Miranda songs to the Azorean ballads, from the adjoining songs from Beira Baixa to Cante alentejano, and also from the repertoire of singer-songwriters such as Zeca Afonso, Amélia Muge, João Lóio or groups like Almanac and GAC. There is also in it place for traditional songs from other countries or original themes. As in the popular tale of Stone Soup, the musical creation begins on a simple basis – a stone, a tradition, a melody, a song – to which new voices are mixed, composing a living harmony that every time one sings, or to it someone joins, reinvents himself.